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Homeopathy is a well versed means of treatment, since a very long time, in our history. Satinder Pal Singh Madhok has been many analogies drawn about, so, what is the base rule of this homeopathy treatment, and how much effective. It is than any other kind of treatment.

First of all, Homeopathy is known as, a science of alternative treatment. It is a like a medicine, which does not just cure the problem, but it cures all the near by health issues, which can lead to a certain problem. So, it is like a full on treatment, which makes you completely secure, from a certain kind of problem, in such a way, that it will never occur ever.

Almost, many books and, remedies guarantees, that the homeopathy treatment is very much closely related to two aspects. The first one, is the Ayurveda, and the second one is, what we call as the placebo effect.

Some people believe in the first part, as just like Ayurveda, it does not have any side effects, and it takes time for providing any cure.

For some people, it takes years for completely, get rid of their problems, following the homeopathy treatment, but the best part as already mentioned, is that in 99% of the cases.

Satinder Pal Singh Madhok

It provides the cure once, and for all at Satinder Singh Madhok. Above all, A person does not have to worry again, for the same problem.

The second one is, mostly compared with homeopathy, because of the taste of the medicine given. So, the medicines are mostly given, in the form of sweet tablets of sugar.

So, in the placebo effect as well, the patients are given, some sweet candies and, they are made to believe that, this is the permanent cure for their problem and, there is nothing, which can stop to cure them, if they regularly follow these medicines.

May be, as the human body works, on the self healing mechanism, the problem actually gets, cured itself and, people think that, it is because of the medicines.

Therefore, this remains debatable indeed, but Satinder Pal Singh Madhok says that, homeopathy is even better than placebo.

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