About Satinder Singh Madhok

Satinder Pal Singh Madhok

Homeopathy first of all created in 1976, by a person named Samuel Hahnemann. Who followed his principle, of like cures like. Also, Satinder Singh Madhok, strongly believed that. If a healthy person, suffering from some unusual symptoms of a disease. A cure can be devised taking reference of his symptoms. Can be applied on an unhealthy person.

This entire concept of homeopathy a very new, and different way of treatment. Which not very acceptable to people, in the beginning.

Samuel continued to follow his experiments. With a number of successes, and failures. By trying different things on different people. In some of the cases. It observed, that the problem first increased in intensity. the situation got worse. But, then began the pace of slow improvement, and then the cure won.

The homeopathy treatment, and the usage of medicines is strongly condemned, at a certain time, but then many instances came over from the past that, people in the early ages. Also used a similar kind of treatment.

Importance Of Homeopathy

People slowly started, to see the benefits of homeopathy and, realize its importance. The best thing, about homeopathy treatment is that, it cures, from the root by ending, all the possible scenarios of a repetition, of the same problem.

But, as Satinder Singh Madhok is said that, effective things take time to work, same is the case, with homeopathy treatment. It is very slow in causing the real impact and, the patients have to keep their patience, high to deal with the process of cure.

For many people, it takes more than years, for a final conclusive cure, whereas, in general it takes few months. Another important thing as a Satinder Singh Madhok, which has to kept in mind.

While going through homeopathy treatment about the strict timings, of taking medicines, and the proper dosage. A little negligence can slow down the treatment, to a very great extent.


Homeopathy like sharpening a knife everyday. So that, one day it becomes really sharp and, fine. But, if you forget to sharpen it at times. It will not give the expected results on time.

Most of the people remain unsatisfied, with this treatment. Only, because of their own careless, attitude of not taking medicines properly.

But, there are people, who have shocked themselves. By becoming fit following homeopathy treatment. When all other kinds of treatment could not work.

Some people, simply prefer homeopathy treatment. Because it easier to follow, and the medicines are good in taste, as well mostly sweet.

The homeopathy medicines, are either made in very much, diluted alcohol, or distilled water.

At Satinder Singh Madhok as homeopathy doctor. Provides treatment for every small to big issue, and there have been many cases,

where there no scope of any treatment. Possible in any other dimension of medicines.

It indeed very common in the present generation. Where people actually look forward, to a kind of treatment, where there is less suffering, and better cure.

Since, the problems are infinite, and consuming coloured tablets, for each of them is certainly never a good choice for anyone.

This is where the roots of homeopathy, keeps getting stronger and so, the beliefs of people towards it.